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We're back on the Beach for summer 2023!
15 July to early September


£2 all Adults & Children
Cash & Card Payments

Join us for a EVENING SHOW! 

Every Friday from 21 July at 8pm

(Except 4 August)

(weather permitting of course!)

Do we have to book to watch?
There’s no need to book to watch the show, just turn up from 15 minutes before showtime and find a place to sit.


How do we pay?
Once you have taken your seat, someone will come and ask you to pay. The old Punch and Judy word for money collector is Bottler, apparently it’s because performers used to collect money in a glass bottle and then at the end of the day, smashed the bottle to count their money. 
We accept cards and cash - if you didn’t get the chance to pay during your visit and you would like to donate now, you can - just click here.  

Will you be performing when we visit?
I hope so! My season runs from the middle of July until the beginning of September, and I perform every day it is possible to. Usually the only reason I wouldn’t be performing is if the weather isn’t good.

Are you paid to perform on the beach?
Yes, I am paid to perform on the beach, directly from you, the audience. I receive no other funding or subsidy to present the show on Swanage beach. 

How long has Punch and Judy been on Swanage Beach?
The first recorded Punch and Judy show on the beach in Swanage was 1904, since then the show has been operated by many people. I took over the running of the Swanage show in July 2014.

What other beaches have a Punch and Judy show?
In recent years there are fewer beaches you are able to regularly and reliably see a Punch and Judy show. In Dorset, you have not just the Swanage show, but the World famous Weymouth Punch and Judy show operated by my mentor Prof Mark Poulton too. And countrywide you can regularly see Prof Jason Codman perform on Llandudno Promenade, or further inland (and higher than sea level) you can watch Prof Richard Coomb’s show at the Heights of Abraham in Matlock spa for the entirety of the school summer holiday.

Can we book your show?
I do accept private engagements out of season. I’m based in Sussex when not performing on the beach, and do consider bookings across the South. When I’m not able to attend, I’m usually able to recommend a quality performer in your area. 

Why do we have to pay to watch the show?
The Show in Swanage is one of the last remaining beach Punch and Judy shows that operates full time through the summer. The contribution of £2 per person is the only payment I get for performing the show, I pay to insure and operate on the beach. Without your contributions, I wouldn’t be able to entertain audiences on the beach year on year.

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